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The Horse’s Mouth” with James Lampke, Evan Schwartz, Michael Katzmayr, and Mark Aston


Welcome to “The Horse’s Mouth” with Tom McManus. Sponsored by Truck Accident Law Firm, The Horse’s Mouth is a unique talk show where Tom’s guests sidle up to his bar to discuss the intersection of sports, business, and life.

Today, Tom sits with James Lampke from Robert Half, Evan Schwartz from AMCS Group, Michael Katzmayr from Tech Coast Conference, and Mark Aston from Uniti Fiber.

AMCS Group is an enterprise software company that is dedicated to providing innovative and efficient solutions to our clients. We specialize in digital solutions for the waste and recycling industry, and have been providing our services for over 20 years.

At AMCS Group, we are proud to be at the forefront of the digital transformation of the waste and recycling industry. Our team of experts is committed to providing the best in customer service and reliable solutions. We recently had the honor of being one of the featured speakers at the WasteExpo Annual Convention, the first in-person convention since the start of the pandemic. Everyone was excited to be there, and we are proud to be a part of the conversation.

This webinar is presented by Evan J Schwartz, Chief Enterprise Architect of AMCS and will provide you valuable insights to help you protect your business against cyber-attacks.

With the world rapidly opening after the pandemic and the increasing number of ransomware attacks, which have also impacted several waste management companies, we expect cybersecurity to become a top priority for most companies. If not done already, it’s time to start working on your security plan to mitigate the security risks.


This briefing will help you to be better informed and prepared to make important decisions around your cybersecurity needs.

AMCS Group:


The webinar has been recorded as part of the virtual expo eREC:

Here I discuss the importance of adopting a Mobile Strategy now at the Forest Resource Association.  This was 2016 and their Regional meeting.  The average timeframe for technology refresh was competing with a Bark-Boiler that was built 100 years ago by the forester's great grand-pappy at that time.  Getting them to understand the importance of Drones, Mobile Strategy, and how their world was going to change was a significant achievement that I'm still proud of today.

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