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As the Chief Enterprise Architect and Head of Enterprise Foundation Services in the Office of the CTO at AMCS Group, I steer the technological future of a global leader in cloud software, vehicle, and scaling technology for the environmental, waste, recycling, transportation, fintech, EHSQ, and ESG industries. AMCS Group is a leader in Performance Sustainability. My journey from VP of Professional Services in North America to this pivotal role exemplifies my commitment to driving strategic growth, operational excellence, and technological innovation. I lead our Enterprise Architecture, DevOps, DevSecOps, and Global Engineering teams, focusing on advancing AI, data science, and sustainable tech solutions to maintain AMCS at the industry's forefront.


Parallel to my role at AMCS, I contribute as a Professor at Jacksonville University, sharing insights from over 25 years in technology and leadership with the next generation of IT professionals. My involvement on the Jacksonville University Cybersecurity and Computer Science Industry Advisory Board underscores my dedication to shaping resilient and innovative technological frameworks in education and beyond.

My book with Forbes, "People, Places, and Things - A Framework for a Pain-Free ERP Implementation," distills my expertise into actionable strategies for businesses navigating ERP system rollouts. This work embodies my passion for facilitating successful digital transformations, leveraging my extensive experience in business development, solutions engineering, and strategic planning.


Complementing my book, PersonPlus.AI provides digital assets, private forums, public blogs, and direct consulting for businesses that need guidance on rolling out their next-generation ERP system.

Holding a Master of Computer Science and Mobile Technology from Full Sail University, pursuing an MBA from Quantic, and pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Northcentral University, my academic achievements underpin a career dedicated to innovation, integration, and collaboration. As a Forbes Council | Technology member, Forbes Select Author, professor, and industry leader, I am committed to creating value through technical solutions, education, strategic leadership, and pursuing excellence in business strategy.

Schwartz's interests mirror his professional ethos—a compassionate blend of technology, leadership, and architecture for the betterment of humanity. You are welcome to explore his Legacy and Earlier work to understand his career's breadth better.


But, when Evan is not making the tech world a better place, he spends his free time with his wife, Lisa, who has been by his side for 23+ years and shares his excitement about being on this journey. Evan also has two boys who are following in his footsteps. The youngest is currently a student at Full Sail University seeking his master's in computer science, and the older one is exploring a career in digital design and branding. Last but not least is Peanut, the family dog, curled up on Evan's lap when he finds time to sit down and relax.  


Outside of family, his passion for servant leadership and his love for creativity and problem-solving drive his vision for compassionate technology. The thoughtful use of AI in today's world has become a calling for him, and he strives to ensure that technological advancements benefit humanity. He is always tinkering with cutting-edge technologies, exploring the liminal edges where technology and humanity connect.


You can learn more about Schwartz's professional journey and connect with him on his LinkedIn profile.

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