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People, Places, & Things

A Framework for a Pain-Free ERP Implementation

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Picture of Evan J Schwartz's Book, People, Places, & Things
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People, Places, and Things: A Framework for a Pain-Free ERP Implementation

By Evan Schwartz


Embarking on the implementation of an enterprise-wide ERP system? Navigating the labyrinthine corridors of technology, process management, and organizational change can be a monumental task. Evan Schwartz, an authority in technology architecture and solution design, presents "People, Places, and Things: A Framework for a Pain-Free ERP Implementation" — a comprehensive manual tailored for senior leadership and C-level executives looking for a no-nonsense approach to ERP rollout.

Key Features

  1. Phased Approach: The book meticulously covers all critical phases of an ERP implementation— 'Before you Buy,' 'Presales,' 'Project Kick-Off,' 'Discovery and Design,' 'The Build Phase,' 'UAT,' 'CRP,' 'The Pilot,' 'Lessons Learned,' 'Rollout,' and 'Maintenance and Upgrades.'

  2. Communication and Vendor Management: Learn the art of effective dialogue between your organization and the ERP vendor. Acquire the key strategies to make informed decisions and ensure successful outcomes.

  3. Organizational Change Management (OCM): Comprehensive insights into best practices for ensuring a smooth transition, dealing with resistance, and securing stakeholder buy-in.

  4. Customization Dilemmas: When to say yes and when to say no to customization — tips and red flags.

  5. AI in ERP: A compelling sub-thread on leveraging Generative AI for document-heavy processes, enhancing efficiency and operational excellence.

  6. Real-world Narratives: Contrast the journey with Jon Leonard, CEO of Florachem. Explore actual experiences, what worked, what didn’t, and where Evan’s advice could have been a game-changer.


Why Read This Book?

  • Strategic: Explicitly aimed at decision-makers, the book offers a compelling yet concise roadmap, reducing the risk and ambiguity associated with large-scale ERP implementations.

  • Technologically Robust: The guide discusses the traditional aspects of ERP systems and introduces AI as a potent tool for enhancing business processes.

  • Balanced View: The candid account from Jon Leonard provides a grounded perspective, enabling leaders to evaluate the real-world applicability of the advice presented.


Anticipated Publication: Pre-Order May 2024 / Available in Stores October 2024

Don't leave your ERP implementation to chance. Make your journey seamless and efficient with Evan Schwartz’s "People, Places, and Things: A Framework for a Pain-Free ERP Implementation."


For more information, visit or follow Evan on LinkedIn.

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